Bastardi: “Worst of Winter Yet to Come”

Bastardi: “Worst of Winter Yet to Come”


Joe Bastardi, Chief Meteorologist for Weatherbell Analytics, said in his Saturday Update that after a mild December and January, the winter season has only begun.




“The worst of the winter is yet to come,” said Bastardi in his Saturday Weather Update on “When this [cold] comes back, it’s likely to hold through the month of March.”

Bastardi points to historical winters of 1958 and 1969 where delayed winters ultimately became infamous for being very harsh after mild starts. He sees the same patterns developing this winter.

“There have been a couple of problems this winter. December too warm, too long. And the January thaw in the Plains was bigger than I thought.”

The areas of the Plains, Southeast, and Northeast have captured Bastardi’s attention. He says that these areas have yet to see their coldest temperatures of the winter.

“It hasn’t really snowed that much in that I-20 corridor; you’re going to see snow before this winter is over. I firmly believe that,” said Bastardi. “And what’s happening in New England could make history. It’s going to challenge the winter of 1934.”

Natural gas bulls are looking for a strong end of cold temperatures to the winter season to deplete the glut of natural gas in storage. Natural gas futures for March ’15 delivery settled at $2.579 per mmBTu on Friday, a 32-month low for the commodity.